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Little Lambs uses a combination of classroom goals, emergent curriculum, and principles of research based HighScope Curriculum as a basis for planning daily experiences. 

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Toddler playing with toys
2 to 3 years old
Infant learning colors
Older Infant 
1 to 2 years old
Preschooler crafting
3 to 4 years old
Infant looking at books
Young Infant 
8 weeks to 1 year old
Pre-k student listening to story
4 years to Kindergarten ready

Classrooms Overview

Every child in our classrooms has a primary caregiver. In our younger classrooms, your child’s primary caregiver takes on a key role for their feeding, sleeping and diapering/bathroom needs. Having these needs met by a consistent caregiver aids in building trust and a special bond with the primary caregiver and will make your child feel safe, secure, and valued. In our older classrooms, primary caregivers are responsible for tracking children’s development and planning small groups.

Assessments are conducted bi-annually utilizing the HighScope COR developmental categories. Our child led curriculum allows for children to engage in learning that is of interest to them. Our staff creates experiences based on children’s development level through play and small group activities.We believe that the outdoors is an extension of the classroom. Our outdoor space and equipment are designed for active play and exploration where children of all ages will have the opportunity to explore our space.

Infant/Young Toddler Room

Ages 8 weeks to 2 1/2 years

Our low class size of seven children in the class, with a 1:4 ratio, gives us the opportunity to meet the children’s needs by following their cues and at-home schedules for our youngest children in our care. Our young toddlers in this classroom follow a flexible schedule in order for us to meet their needs as they transition into becoming a toddler. We believe that children begin learning at birth! We institute nurturing, rich, stimulating, meaningful experiences for even our youngest children in our care. We encourage communication by playing games like peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake, book reading, singing familiar songs, and talking to children through their own and our individual actions and routines throughout the day. Our emergent curriculum inspires play-based experiences that teach to the “whole child”. The children’s interests and needs guide the explorations to plan play-based and meaningful experiences through reading, art and sensory activities, music/movement, and various other activities throughout the day. . Our center supports each child’s need to be nurtured and loved by caring adults.

Infant looking at pictures

Older Infant Room


At our temporary location, our two Infant Room combined into one space. We care for children up to 2 1/2 years of age in our Infant/Young Toddler classroom. See above for more information.

Older infant learning colors
Toddler playing with cars

Toddler Room

Ages 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 years

Our class size of 8 children in the class, with a 1:4 ratio, helps our toddlers as they begin to transition to a routine schedule with their feeding and sleeping schedules, as well as providing lots of care, attention and social interaction.  Our toddler teachers listen and talk with each child and try to anticipate individual needs.  Since children learn through playing and exploring, we provide them with a range of activities throughout the day.  Our toddler program is play-based and emphasizes active participation involving literature, music, dance, art, fine and gross motor activities, and sensory-based activities.  Language, self-help and toilet training skills develop during this period, along with small and large motor skills.

Preschool Room

Ages 3 to 4 years

With our class size of 12 children in the class with a low ratio of 1:6, we are able to create an exciting classroom. Typically, we have two to three teachers in the classroom, which allows us to provide a lower ratio than the state licensing requirement of 1:10. Preschool is an exciting time of discovery; our program is designed to build confidence and self-esteem with meaningful experiences. Along with early reading, math, and science basics, children develop creativity and self-confidence through art, music, dramatic play, and social interaction. At Little Lambs, we emphasize the need to create a warm and nurturing environment in preschool. This helps children form trusting relationships with others and has a great impact on learning in all areas. When the Preschool classroom social climate is positive and supportive, children are likely to become engaged and motivated learners.

Preschooler crafting
Pre-k student listening to stories

Pre-K Room

Ages 4 years to kindergarten ready

Our small class size of only 10 children allows for a profound atmosphere where the classroom becomes a “Pre-K family”. This classroom is designed for children entering kindergarten the following school year. Children will have the opportunity to explore kindergarten concepts and practice or enhance the skills needed for kindergarten success. The Pre-K curriculum incorporates aspects of Kindergarten Common Core State Standards and Early Childhood Standards of Quality for Pre-kindergarten. Children are given open play opportunities during the day within their skill focused schedule. Small groups, individualized activities based on each child’s development, as well as the children's interests, guide the curriculum in our Pre-K classroom.


Ages 1 through kindergarten ready


Little Lambs believes in providing additional enrichments to our program. We provide a music class to all of our children ages one through five years old. In addition, we offer fee based sports, as well as dance/gymnastics enrichments program for our older classrooms (ages two through five years old).

Children playing music

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